How to Clean Kitchen Chimney?

With the fine job a chimney does, removing the emissions like smoke and grease is one of the essential gadgets one prefers to have in their kitchen in today’s time. However, with the importance it carries, its efficiency gets reduced with oil and grease getting clogged to it, which requires regular cleaning. But before understanding how to clean a kitchen chimney, certain facts are to be known about chimneys and the knowledge that this task is difficult and time-consuming.

An important thing to look before starting with the chimney cleaning is its filter identification. If the chimney has a charcoal filter, the same cannot be cleaned as such filters are meant to be replaced every six months.

Even though there are companies manufacturing auto cleaning chimneys, the cost of it is high. However, if one has a manual cleaning chimney, the below-mentioned guide about ingredients used will be helpful. If you are looking for a decent and great chimney for your kitchen then must read our article of best chimney in India.

Using Dishwashing Liquid:

– Apply the liquid of any brand on filters.

– Completely immerse the filters in the hot water bucket for cleaning it and leave it (1-2 hours).

– After a while, remove the filters from the water and user scrubber (non-abrasive) for cleaning it.

Hot Water Chimney Cleaning:

– Take a big steel container, place the filters and then add water to immerse it.

– Boil water on a slow flame for 39 minutes.

– Once the flame is turned-off, take out the filters and use normal water to wash it.

– Make sure to dry the filters completely before the same is placed back into the chimney.

Using Baking Soda:

– Salt, vinegar, and baking soda are required for this process.

– Add boiling water in the tub wherein placed are the filters.

– With 2-3 tablespoon of baking soda and salt, add 2 cups of vinegar too and allow the filter to get soaked in it for 1-2 hrs.

– One can even boil the filters for getting better results, instead of putting in hot water.

– Using paint thinner

– It’s the quickest option for cleaning greasy items. Even a nail polish remover will work here.

– Soak a cloth piece using thinner.

– Filters are then to be scrubbed, and once cleaned, use normal water to wash it and then dry it for reusing it.

Using White Vinegar:

– Use a paper towel to begin and dip it in a vinegar solution.

– Using the towel, clean the surfaces of the filters.

– Use it again if unsatisfied with results, or if there remains any dirt.

Using Caustic Soda:

– Use a tray/tub and keeping the filters; the caustic soda is to be sprinkled over it.

– Once done, add boiling water and let it rest for 2-3 hours.

– Taking safety precautions, wear hand gloves while trying to remove it from the tray.

– Wash it with clean water, allow it to dry, and adjust it back to chimney

How Often Is The Chimney Cleaning Required?

How often is the Chimney cleaning required

The kitchen load, the food type being prepared it should determine the frequency of cleaning. However, after every two months, the chimney is meant to be cleaned, but if a lot of oily/spicy food is prepared daily, the frequency should be every month. In the case of a Chimney, which has a charcoal filter, the change of filters should be done every six months. If you have queries regarding How to Install Kitchen Chimney at Home? then read our article for the same.


A lot of Dirt and grease get accumulated in the chimneys, which reduces suction power, eventually reducing the chimney’s efficiency. It is therefore required that it is cleaned timely for ensuring its long-term usage. However, if you think that you might need professional help, it won’t be necessary, as the pointers mentioned above will help guide you along and make it a convenient filter cleaning.

Cleaning chimney correctly is important and so is purchasing the right chimney too, for that read our article of How to Select the Right Chimney for Your Kitchen.

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