How to Clean Kitchen Chimney?

How to Clean Kitchen Chimney?

With the fine job a chimney does, removing the emissions like smoke and grease is one of the essential gadgets one prefers to have in their kitchen in today’s time. However, with the importance it carries, its efficiency gets reduced with oil and grease getting clogged to it, which requires regular cleaning. But before understanding … Read more

How to Install Kitchen Chimney at Home?

Install Kitchen Chimney at Home

Not everything that seems to be difficult is as such. Installation of the kitchen chimney at home is quite easy. So instead of paying an extra cost to the chimney providers, one can do it on their own. However, before one begins, it is required to get a better look over the specifications and the … Read more

How to Select the Right Chimney for Your Kitchen: Chimney Buying Guide

chimney for your kitchen

A boon, this is what a Chimney is, for a kitchen and for people who love to cook. As we know, an integral part of our home is the kitchen, and for the cooking that involves delicious gravies and tasty fries, it also uses oil and spices in plenty. This causes the fumes and smokes … Read more